Thursday, September 14, 2006

I am intersted in plantation. I like to live in a green India. For that I want to start a nursary, I am in search for funds. My aim for starting this nursary is for the following

The trees observes the CO2 released by motor-vehicles and Manufacturing Industries and releases fresh Oxyzen(Day).

Some plants are madicine value. If we devolop a park using these plants and we can get some treatment by walkin through this park.

We can get BioDeisel from Jetropha and some other trees.

I want to give employeement to atleast 5 persons.

In my Nursary I want to harvest three types of plants
1) All plants which gives more oxygen

2) Plants for Flowers and Fruits.

3) Trees for Bio-Desiel and Medicines

If any one want to send money please deposit in my UTI Bank a/c No: 008010100872447

There is no minimum amount for supporting Me.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

నేను రఘుకిశోర్. ను నేను ఇనిస్టిటుట్ పర్ ఎలెక్ట్రొనిక్ గొవెర్ననెన్స్ లో పని చెస్తాను. నేను తెలుగు బాష ను అమితముగా ఇష్టపడుతాను.

Hi I am Raghu. I am MCA graduate and working as IT Associate in Inistitute for Electronic Governance.